Ruby Association will be hosting a design contest for the new design of has switched its platform from Radiant CMS to Jekyll in spring 2013. 

Everyone can now edit the content through GitHub. How about that? 

However, the current design is built for the typical size of a desktop or laptop but not for smartphones and tablets. 

We still need more work for the design!  

Ruby's 20th anniversary this year seems like an appropriate occasion for a call to submit design ideas for  

Please read the instructions below and send your design entry.




New design for

Design Concept

(You can find all current languages listed in the footer of


Submission Method

Application Period

 From September 24, 2013 to November 8, 2013, 5:00 p.m.

 All dates are in JST (UTC+09:00).


www-admin team on will evaluate submitted data.

Copyright Assignment

Entrants need to make a copyright assignment agreement with Ruby Association if your design is adopted.

All copyrights are transferred from you to Ruby Association.

Ruby Association will distribute the design under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

Winner gets his/her name or nickname on the footer of the site. (Optional)

Please be sure that all designing cost is at your own expense.

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