2013 Grant Accomplishment Report

The following three projects have been completed, and their deliverables have been accepted by the grant committee.

The summary of their final reports is as follows:


Win32Utils Support

Daniel Berger
The Win32Utils Project provides a series of Ruby libraries that are designed specifically for the Windows operating system to make life easier and more enjoyable for Ruby programmers on Windows. These libraries provide interfaces to various parts of the Windows OS, and extend the Ruby core classes so that they're better suited for Windows.

The following gems were updated to use FFI or OLE, received updates, or were overhauled in general to be more useful and compatible with JRuby on Windows:

Full Final Report

The full version of Daniel's final report



Laura Garcia

The Conductor project aims to provide assistance to Rails users during the development of their applications, especially useful for new users that aren't familiar with the command line utilities used typically in the terminal during the development, also will teach to users how to do through the terminal everything that they do through the Web UI.

Source Code


At the end of Ruby Grant 2013 period, the features for Conductor are:

Full Final Report

The full version of the Laura's final report


Smalruby - smalruby-editor

Kouji Takao

The Smalruby project under the Ruby Association 2013 Grant aims to:

Try smalruby-editor (only support Japansese)

Install smalruby-editor gem (If you use Mac or Linux, you must install SDL 1.2 and SGE (see https://github.com/takaokouji/dxruby_sdl) before install smalruby-editor gem.).

gem install smalruby-editor

Run smalruby-editor in Command Prompt(Windows) or Terminal.app(Mac).

Full Final Report

The full version of the Takao's final report