Ruby development & Community Support

Ruby Stable Maintenance Program

Description of the Ruby Stable Maintenance Program

The Ruby Association maintains the stable build of CRuby for users who want to use a more stable version of Ruby. In order to perform these maintenance duties we commission the tasks required to organizations or individuals who have the proper technologies for the task. Outsourcers for commissioned work are selected once yearly after a public call for applications.

Many modifications are made to CRuby by multiple developers on a daily basis. Sometimes this leads to a build that won't compile and sometimes many changes made will have to be reverted. This sort of thing happens with development builds, which is why a version called a "stable build" is released on a schedule for regular users. Of course, despite being called a stable build, it may still contain bugs and vulnerabilities which need to be addressed. These developers continuously perform the work to fix these problems and release new builds when required.

Usaku Nakamura
Ruby Stable Maintenance Programmer in 2016

CRuby development Server support

Description of the Server support

Software development of any kind, not just with Ruby, requires a variety of servers. The Ruby Association provides support for three types of development servers: repository servers for storing software source code, servers for testing developed software, and servers to distribute completed software.

Thanks to the Ruby Association's support, the development community no longer needs to individually partner with companies to obtain servers and other resources they need for development. As a result, they can allocate the server resources they need for continued development and the CRuby developers can concentrate together all the resources they need to develop more powerful features and make Ruby even easier to use. Our support also provides testing environments for different versions of Linux such as FreeBSD, enabling faster detection of bugs in Ruby and the capability for our developers to release new stable, high-quality builds each year.

Hiroshi Shibata
- CRuby developer -

Ruby Association Grant

The Ruby Association accepts applications for Ruby implementations, libraries, frameworks, and other development projects related to the below themes and provides monetary grants to assist in there development.

  • Improving Ruby implementation (such as performance improvement and memory consumption reduction.)
  • Scientific libraries for mathematics, science & engineering.
  • Development support tools (such as debugger, profiler and static program analysis tools.)
  • Web (such as libraries for HTTP, HTML, etc., and web application frameworks.)
  • Tools for enterprise systems (such as reporting tools, batch processing tools, migration tools from the other languages to Ruby.)

Since we began our development grant program in 2011, many projects have been accepted for and received money from this initiative.

Please see below for a list of projects that have been awarded the Ruby Association Development Grant in the past.

Community Support

We support the Ruby community through activities and exchanges between users related to Ruby development.