2012 Grant selection result

The following two projects have been selected from 8 proposals by the grant committee.  Accomplishments of the projects will be published around April 2013.

SciRuby and NMatrix

Ruby Science Foundation

NMatrix is a matrix library for Ruby, a part of the SciRuby Project. Together, NMatrix and SciRuby hope to open up the Ruby language to the scientific community, by providing statistical, numeric, and visualization libraries.


Creosote - A Mathematics Package for Ruby

Sam Rawlins

The Creosote Project will make various powerful mathematics libraries available to the Ruby ecosystem. I currently maintain the Ruby bindings for the mathematical GMP, MPFR, and Msieve libraries (as C Extensions). Today, these are each provided through their own gems; making them aware of each other is awkward. My goal is to grow a project that contains these and more mathematics libraries. This package would allow optional packaging of potentially dozens of different freely-available mathematics libraries, all into one powerful Mathematics environment inside Ruby (“Sage” uses 95 mathematical libraries to create something similar for Python). GMP, MPFR, and Msieve make a good start, but there are many more “core” mathematics libraries that need to be included, such as GSL, MPC, Cephes, FLINT, GAP, GLPK, GMP-ECM, MPFI, NTL, etc.