2013 Grant selection result

The following three projects have been selected by the grant committee. Accomplishments of the projects will be published around March 2014.

Win32Utils Support

Daniel Berger

The Win32Utils Project provides a series of Ruby libraries that are designed specifically for the Windows operating system.My goal is to continue the transition of several of the existing libraries from Win32API library to FFI or OLE.This will make the code more robust and compatible with other implementations, such as JRuby.


Laura Garcia García

The conductor is a Web-UI for assisting in the development of Rails applications. Conductor will be used by users to edit code, run tests, run generators, manage databases, run migrations, manage gems, show annotations, show statistics, read documentation using it. The conductor is intent to be a full replacement for the commands used tipically to develop applications. While some of the features are ready there are a lot of missing things that are required for a public release.



Smalruby - smalruby-editor

Kouji Takao

The Smalruby(smɔ́ːrúːbi) Project will provide a Ruby learning environment for middle school students from the upper grades of elementary school. The goal of this project is to achieve software and community sites such as the Scratch(http://scratch.mit.edu/) in Ruby. The Scratch has experience as educational programming environment can be used in elementary school. This project consists of the following elements. We will implement the smalruby-editor in this grant.

* smalruby-editor
An editor can create a Ruby script by combining individual blocks similar to Scratch. It can also enter the program as better than Scratch. Development target in this grant.

* smalruby-lib(https://github.com/smalruby/smalruby)
A Ruby library has APIs(drawing 2D graphics, animations, playing audio, capturing input, and more) such as Scratch.

* smalruby-installer
The Smalruby Installer and instructions for each OS.

* smalruby-book
An introductory book for elementary school and junior high school students for Ruby.

* smalruby-material  
Teaching materials(motors, LEDs, sensors, etc…) using the Arduino.

* smalruby-image
A disk image for Raspberry PI(http://www.raspberrypi.org/) contains Smalruby enviroment.

* smalruby-site
A Website for posting program using smalruby.

The official website of this project is scheduled to publish 3/2014.