Revised Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer exam

Ruby Association is pleased to present revised Ruby certification exam, the most recognized Ruby focused examination in IT industry with more than ten thousand exam has taken since it released in 2007, Ruby certification exam has become a literally one and only world’s standard Ruby exam that is available worldwide in English through the Prometric testing network.




The last day of booking the old exam         
September 19, 2014  
The last day of the old exam September September 25, 2014
Revised exam registration start date     
September 26, 2014  
Revised exam release date October 1, 2014

Comparison new exam and revised exam

   Old exam
 Revised exam  
 90 minutes  
 90 minutes  
 CBT(Prometric)  CBT(Prometric)
Number of questions  
 50(mutiple choice)  50(mutiple choice)
Passing score  
Target version  Ruby 1.8.7
 Ruby 2.1  
Exam fee  
 US$150  US$150

The execution environment

  • Execution method
  • Command-line options
  • Environment variables
  • irb



  • Comment
  • Literal
  • Variables, constants, and scope
  • Operators
  • Conditional branching
  • Loops
  • Exception handling
  • Method calls
  • Blocks
  • Method definition
  • Class definition
  • Module definition


Built-in libraries

  • Built-in functions
  • Built-in classes


Object orientation

  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • mix-in |


Q1.Do Ruby exam certification expire?
A1.Never expire. But when you write it down on your resume there is a difference between old exam and new one. 
Old  : Ruby Association certified Ruby programmer silver
new : Ruby Association certified Ruby programmer silver version2.1


Q2.Is there any plan to release Ruby certified Ruby programmer with this year?
A2.No, we don’t have any plan so far.


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