List of nominees for the Ruby Prize 2014

Ruby Prize 2014 nominees have been determined!

The Ruby Prize Committee will select two or three final nominees and overall Ruby Prize Winner will be selected from them.
The names of the nominees will be released on this website in a few days.

We will invite final nominees for the RubyWorld conference 2014 that will take place on 13,14 November in Matsue,Japan,
Where the nominees will receive their Prize, which consists of a Diploma and Prize money.
(*JPY1,000,000 for winner, JPY100,000 for final nominees)

Ruby Prize nominees


He has been a PadrinoFramework committer since last year.
*He took a proactive contribution to Padrino like improving documentation and fixing a bug.



Author of the Ruby under a Microscope.
Pat has written a great book about what the Ruby syntax looks like and how Ruby works internally.The book has helped many people to dig deeper into the Ruby.

Zachary Scott


* Helping new contributors with patches for Ruby and Ruby on Rails
* Improving documentation of Ruby and Ruby on Rails
* Traveling to many conferences and introducing attendees how to contribute to Ruby and open-source
* Committer to Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, RDoc, RubyGems, and more!

Ryosuke Matsumotomatsumoto


Consequently,last year he nominated Ruby Prize. Ryosuke is currently working on development mod_mruby and ngx_mruby which expansion module for the Apache server. He also conducts research on possibility mruby as the DSL language.

Kato Yuka


She is the organizer of よちよち.rb that designed for Ruby on Rails beginners.

Shibata Hiroshi

He has made significant progress in the Ruby development environment like testing and deployment over the past years. Thanks to his help, some environment (like redmine,rdoc,etc) have successfully moved from basement into the PaaS.

Koji Takao


He is very interested programming education, and helping children learn computer programming at a young age through the software that he developed.(smalruby)

Tsujimoto Kazuki


Developing a pattern matching library in Ruby.

Higaki Masaru


His hard work and dedication to the education of the Ruby beginner is truly excellent!Thanks to his contribution, Ruby Kansai has succeeded.

Yohei Yasukawa


1. A promoter of Rails tutorial jp
2. Organizer okinawa.rb
3. A co-promoter of Rails guide:

Ruby Prize Committee members

井上 浩
笹田 耕一
前田 修吾
高橋 征義
角谷 信太郎
藤原 亮彦

Special thanks to Prize group members

島田 浩二
Kazuki Tsujimoto
須藤 功平

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