Ruby Prize 2014 Final Nominees Annnounced

The Ruby Prize Committee is happy to announce that Ruby Prize 2014 Award final nominees.
We will select the Ruby Prize 2014 winner from these people at theRubyWorld Conference.

Schedule  17:20~18:20, November 13th ,2014

Venue International Conference Hall (3F),Shimane Prefectual Convention Center “Kunibiki Messe”

Final Nominees

Pat Shaughnessy


Ryosuke Matsumoto


Hiroshi Shibata


We value his great effort of enlightening people about the internal of the Ruby virtual machine through publishing the book "Ruby Under a Microscope" The book that tried to explain the Ruby syntax and how Ruby works internally. Thanks to his effort, the book helped many people to dig deeper into the complex Ruby world.




mruby on the HTTP server software is embodied by mod_mruby and ngx_mruby ,which is an expansion module for the Apache server. We value a his series of software that expands the possibility of the Ruby.




He has made significant progress in the Ruby development environment like testing and deployment environment over the past years. His job that takes a time and patience allows us to focus on building and releasing the Ruby core more then ever before.