2014 Grant selection result

The following three projects have been selected by the grant committee. Accomplishments of the projects will be published around March 2015.

RuJIT : a trace-based Just In Time compiler for CRuby

Masahiro Ide

The RuJIT is a trace-based just-in-time (JIT) compiler for CRuby. In this project, we provide RuJIT for high-speed execution of Ruby programs. We will implement the optimization technique for the Ruby language (e.g. block inlining). In addition, we will improve quality RuJIT code for practical use and compatibility.

The Mikon Project

Naoki Nishida

The Mikon Project(https://github.com/domitry/mikon) provides a useful data structure for data analysis and visualization. Its goal is to make it possible to do all related to data processing in Ruby language, in cooperation with other two gems Statsample(https://github.com/clbustos/statsample) and Nyaplot(https://github.com/domitry/nyaplot).
In the grant basic function for data analysis/visualization and the genome-browser-like GUI on IRuby(https://github.com/minad/iruby) notebook will be implemented.

Threading Support for Byebug

Deivid Rodriguez

Thread debugging support in Byebug(https://github.com/deivid-rodriguez/byebug). The feature will allow users to debug multithreaded programs: thread switching, pausing and resuming specific threads, list active threads and so on.