Ruby Prize award 2015 nominees

Ruby Prize 2015 nominees have been determined!

The Ruby Prize Committee will select two or three final nominees and overall Ruby Prize Winner will be selected from them.
The names of the nominees will be released on this website in a few weeks later.

We will invite a final nominees for the RubyWorld conference 2015 that will take place on 12,13 November in Matsue, Japan,
Where the nominees will receive their Prize, which consists of a Diploma and Prize money.
(*JPY1,000,000 for winner, JPY100,000 for final nominees.)

Adam Beynon 1


Author of the Ruby to Javascript compiler Opal.

Benoit Daloze  2

Benoit Daloze for his work on Ruby spec project that the original project already has been terminated. He revitalized the Ruby Spec and finally made and fixed the specs to run on all supported versions of MRI (2.0.0 – trunk) which is befitting of the Ruby Prize award. Now not only JRuby but also Opal has started using RubySpec and passes thousands of specs examples. 

Rafael Mendonça


For being the Rails version of "Patch Monster"

Tom Stuart  4

Tom has written and delivered a series of amazing presentations at Ruby conferences during the past few years. He has taught many people about the Computer Science and mathematics behind Ruby in a unique and creative way. He has also written an influential book, Understanding Computation using Ruby to explain how computer languages work. 

Yuichiro Kaneko5 

Greatly contributing to the community through the activities with Rails Guide translation team by reporting mistakes in the original texts in English to the authors and making corrections. As a result, He received the editing rights to the Rails documents. 

Minao Yamamoto6 

Yamamoto-san has been developed mruby electric circuit board. Like Arduino, a bunch of mruby-shields are planned to release soon. 

Yohei Yasukawa

His nomination came for work in translating the Rails Tutorial and Rails Guides to the Japanese. Now many Japanese Rails learners can read a documents in their native language. He also provided a social translation tips which he has learned from Rails documents translation. 

Koji Takao15


While discussion builds around the need for programming education, Smalruby developed by Kouji Takao using Ruby is considered to contribute to the development of programming talent by simplifying the programming experience for young people. We hope that his activities expanding the base and bringing in new participants to the Ruby community, and consequently the greater diffusion of the Ruby language into the future.

Akira Matsuda  15

Organizing efforts to Ruby Kaigi. He is taking a leading role as a chief organizer for this year's Ruby Kaigi 2015. 

Ryosuke Mastumoto 15


Ryosuke won the Ruby prize 2014 final nominees. He has continued to develop web server which is designed using the mruby scripting language. H2O HTTP/2 server now have a mruby scripting engine running with the H2O standalone server that can be used to customize the behavior.

Naoki Nishida15

Nishida Naoki for his outstanding work on the Nyaplot and Mikon that provide an useful interface to tools for data analysis. We believe his works will open the door to increased influence in scientific computing by Ruby.

Kazuaki Tanaka 15

For his great contribution to mruby. mruby dramatically accelerates the possibilities of Ruby in the era of IoT."