2015 Ruby Association Grant selection result

We are very happy to announce that the following three projects have been selected by the Ruby Association grant committee.
Accomplishments of the projects will be published around March 2016.

Optimization of CRuby built-in library Rational

Tadashi Saito
 By optimizing the Rational implementation of CRuby, I aim to improve its overall speed.  I’ll write mergeable patch into the upstream.

reality gem

Victor Shepelev
 Reality provides easy access to “common” world knowledge (like geography, currencies, movies, historical events and people, weather and so on). It utilizes multiple open data sources, like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, TheMovieDatabase, and presents consistent, integrated approach to various aspects of data.


FFTW and GSL extensions for NMatrix

Sameer Deshmukh
 NMatrix is a dense and spare matrix linear algebra library for ruby by SciRuby. It supports an extensions interface that allows interfacing of various high speed C libraries with nmatrix data types by creating new gems that bind these libraries (like BLAS or LAPACKE). Extensions like nmatrix-lapacke are already in existence.

This project will aim to create two new extensions for nmatrix. One for interfacing nmatrix with FFTW (Fastest Fourier Transform in the West) and another for interfacing with GSL (GNU Scientific Library). Both these extensions will be released as nmatrix-fftw and nmatrix-gsl gems respectively by the end of the grant term.