We are now accepting nominations for the Ruby Prize 2016

The winner will be awarded at RubyWorld Conference 2016 in Shimane, Japan.

Ruby Prize 2016 Prospectus

Ruby is an open source software used throughout the world. The community made up of developers and users, and those sharing it worldwide are indispensable to Ruby’s presence. The community of common minded people that have gathered behind the growth of this open source software are an essential element to Ruby.

This open source community has a deeply interesting existence. Rather than being strengthened by anyone’s participation, the community is comprised of spontaneous gatherings of individuals (and at times, organizations) with loose ties. The cohesive power behind this kind of community is a common appreciation for open source software, which in turn leads to more community activity that enhances the appeal of open source software. The community exists because of this kind of interdependent relationship.

In order to maintain this sort of community, it must stay refreshed. Highly motivated, fresh new participants are essential.

The Ruby Prize is a Newcomer Award for these sort of new participants in the Ruby community. The Ruby Prize commends individuals for their outstanding achievements within the previous two to three years.

The prize-winners are chosen from both individuals recommended by members of the Ruby Prize Committee or recommendations from non-Ruby Prize Committee members. The award will be made during the Ruby World Conference 2016. A monetary prize will also be awarded as a supplementary prize provided by Matsue City (Ruby Prize Sponsor).

Many thanks for your continued support in the further development and growth of the Ruby Community through the Ruby Prize.

Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto,
Ruby Prize Executive Committee Chairperson

1. Recommendation Criteria for Ruby Prize 2016

1)A basic description of those applicable for the prize is noted in the preceding prospectus.
2)This prize is open to individual candidates only. Corporate bodies and groups may not apply.
3)The “new” stated in the prospectus refers ideally to within the previous two to three years.
4)Vote for the past year’s Ruby prize winner is invalid. 

2. Ruby Prize 2016 Award Winner Supplementary Prize

・ Ruby Prize 2016 Award Winner (one winner selected) will be presented with
  1,000,000JPY(Approximaterly USD 9,683) by the Executive Committee.
・ Individuals selected as nominees will be presented with a prize of
  100,000JPY (Approximaterly USD 968)
  ※ The exchange rate as of July 12, 2016

The Ruby Prize 2015 winner Naoki Nishida.