RubyWorld Conference 2016 Travel Grant



We are very excited to announce Ruby Association (RA) travel grant opportunity to support people attend the RubyWorld Conference 2016 that will be held November 3 - 4 in Shimane, Japan. RA travel grant will cover all your travel costs of airfare, hotel and conference registration fee. Please don’t miss this big chance to join our conference.


“The community that grows up around a programming language is one of its most important strengths. Ruby has a vibrant and growing community that is friendly towards people of all skill levels.”

We strongly believe that the wonder and power of meet someone new or meeting people face to face whom we had previously only met online.
Ruby conferences provide the opportunity to meet people who are interested in the same things you are. This makes Ruby community more vibrant and stronger.The purpose of the RA travel grant is to help you attend conference to gain these experiences.

Eligibility Criteria

prospective candidates must:

  • Can speak business level English or Japanese_._
  • Provide a blog post(images and text)summarizing your experience at the conference in English.
  • Attend the conference both two days.
  • Have a resident in outside of Japan

Application procedures

  Step:1  Apply online here (Deadline : October 14th UTC)
  Step:2  All the applicants will be reviewed by the Ruby Association
  Step:3  Notification of Result by October 17th UTC (Only potential winners will be notified by email)

Contact us

  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.