Ruby Prize 2016 final nominees named.

Three final nominees have been named for the Ruby Prize 2016.
The final nominees will be celebrated and the winner will be announced at the RubyWorld Conference Nov. 3 - 4 in Matsue.

The Ruby Prize final nominees.

Yura sokolov Chris Seaton Yamaguchi Kazuki
15 4 2

Yura sokolov

Yura Sokolov contributed to Ruby performance enhancements in multiple ways with the handle name funny_falcon. The name representative for performance improvements among the Ruby development team.

Chris Seaton

While the value of JRuby from a Java bridge perspective should be apparent to anyone, Chris Seaton, through combination with Truffle, constantly brought JRuby performance up to astonishing levels.

Yamaguchi Kazuki

Considering that OpenSSL is a keystone of web security, sufficient maintenance was not conducted. Yamaguchi-san proactively assumed responsibility for the Ruby OpenSSL that had been almost completely neglected, making significant contributions to development advancements and improved stability.