JetBrains Supports the Ruby Ecosystem With Ruby Association Sponsorship

Shimane, Japan, February 28, 2024 – JetBrains, a leading global software development company, is now a proud sponsor of the Ruby Association. The aim of this sponsorship is to strengthen the Ruby programming language’s ecosystem by facilitating closer ties between Ruby-related projects, communities, and businesses.

The Ruby Association, an organization dedicated to advancing the Ruby programming language, plays a pivotal role in the community. Established to promote the development and expansion of Ruby, the organization has been instrumental in providing resources to developers, as well as fostering innovation and creating a sense of cohesion among the language’s enthusiasts worldwide.

JetBrains’ decision to sponsor the Ruby Association is a significant step forward in supporting the Ruby ecosystem and empowers the organization to further enhance the programming language. Through this partnership, JetBrains and the Ruby Association plan to support the uptake and advancement of Ruby. A main focus of the collaboration is on tackling the various challenges that hinder the smooth adoption and progress of Ruby, including enhancing developer productivity, implementing AI for Ruby, addressing performance issues, promoting community involvement, and facilitating knowledge sharing. An additional objective of the partnership is to make Ruby adoption and development easier by providing developers certified by the Ruby Association with free subscriptions to RubyMine, the JetBrains IDE for Ruby development.

The impact of this sponsorship extends beyond the organizational level, reaching into the broader Ruby community. JetBrains and the Ruby Association are glad to provide more resources, knowledge, and tools for community-driven and open-source initiatives, educational programs, and events, enriching the experience for Ruby developers and creating a more robust ecosystem for the language.

Both JetBrains and the Ruby Association are excited about this partnership and believe it will make a positive impact in the Ruby world.

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