RubyPrize2013受賞者近永智之氏インタビューは、コチラからRuby Prize 2013受賞者 近永智之 氏
We really admire his work that he has been checking the Ruby trunk changes every single day. Ruby core developers tend to go nuts only writing code and leave it unattended.
We evaluate his work that keeps unattended code on track.
RubyPrize2013最終ノミネートZachary Scott氏インタビューは、コチラからRuby Prize 2013最終ノミネート Zachary Scott 氏
Since obtaining office as a committer last year, he has improved Ruby a lot, especiallydocumentation and continuing activities, such as evaluation and incorporation of suggestions for improvement from outside. The role he has played for Ruby development activities to be truly international is great. We honor and compliment his work which serves as a model of non-Japanesecommitters.
RubyPrize2013最終ノミネート柴田博志氏インタビューは、コチラからRuby Prize 2013最終ノミネート 柴田博志 氏
Thanks to his help and bugs. have completed the transition to the new server and software update. We believe his work contributes to revitalize