Ruby Prize Award nominees 

 Official Site Open ! (Nov 18 , 2013)

   Ruby Prize 2013 Award nominees[


First of all, We would like to thank you for your cooperation.

Based on our criteriaof this award, 15 nominees are selected.

The Ruby Prize Committee will select two or three final nominees and overall Ruby Prize Winner will be selected from them.
The names of the nominees will be released on this website in a few days.

We will invite final nominees for the RubyWorld conference 2013 that will take place on 21,22 November in Matsue,Japan,
Where the nominees will receive their Prize, which consists of a Diploma and Prize money.
(*JPY1,000,000 for winner, JPY100,000 for final nominees)

Ruby Prize nominees


Tomoyuki Chikanaga

1 |


Tomoyuki as a branch maintainer of 2.0.0.He has checked all of the commits in the trunk and decide to backport which commits to 2.0.0. From these contributions, He achieved release patch-level247 as of date 27 June. He also has been explain every commit to Cruby trunk repository in his blog since 2010.

ruby-trunk-changes (PB memo)

| |

Zachary Scott



Since becoming a Ruby committer, Zachary has worked hard to greatly improve the documentation of Ruby. He gave a presentation at the Ruby Kaigi 2013 on how a writing documentation could contribute to the Ruby community.

| |

Hiroshi Shibata


ruby-lang-org and have completed the transition to the new server and upgrading its systems. These tough tasks are conducted by Hiroshi.

| |

Yohei Yasukawa

4 |


Yohei translated Ruby on Rails 3.2 tutorial to Japanese.

| |

Yuki Torii

5 |


Yuki is an organizer for Rails Girls Tokyo that has brought hundreds a non-programmer women into the Ruby community. She success proves that coding is not a only boys’ club in Japan.

| |

Daniel Bovensiepen

6 |

Daniel is a developer of mrbgems, which expands the extensibility of mruby through development of mrbgems he has created a coenerstone for developers to build onto the mruby gems.

| |

Ryosuke Matsumoto

7 |

Contribution to mruby core and mrbgen. Ryosuke is currently working on development mod_mruby and ngx_mruby which expansion module for the Apache server. He also conducts research on possibility mruby as the DSL language. 


|   | |

Satomi Tsujita

8 |

Satomi has organized a study group for Rails beginners. She is also interested in joining and working with overseas Ruby communities like RailsBerry, RailsConf and Seattle.rb. She presents and shares the cutting edge rails information to the Japanese community.

| |

Adam Beynon

9 |

For successfully porting Ruby to the browser world with Opal (

| |

Masaki Matsushita

10 |

Masaki conducted details oriented task, his commit contribute to reduce execution time of Ruby

| |

Charlie Somerville

11 |

Charlie made a huge contribution to reduce the execution time of CRuby

| |

Linda Liukas

12 |

Linda is a co-founder Rails for a non-profit global community movement that aimed give tools and community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas.

| |

Shizuo Fujita

13 |

Sizuo is well known as MacRuby commiter. Currently he work for Rubymotion.

| |

Hector Minaya

14 |

For creating the first ruby user group in the Dominican Republic.

| |

Ashley Williams

15 |

She currently works for the Flatiron School teaching people Ruby.
Ashley works tirelessly to improve the New York City Ruby community and mentors the next generation of Ruby developers.

Ruby Prize Committee members


Hiroshi Inoue

Koichi Sasada

Shugo Maeda

Masayoshi Takahashi

Shintaro Kakutani

Akihiko Fujihara
 (Matsue City) 



Special thanks to Prize group members

*These Ruby Prize Group Members made recommendations with agree to the publication his/her name.


Charlie Somerville


Narihiro Nakamura


Masatoshi Yoshida

Masaya Tarui

Kenta Murata

Akio Tajima (arton)

Koji Shimada

Kazuki Tsujimoto


Akihiko Hashimoto

Sutou Kouhei