Rubyコミュニティの「新人賞」Ruby Prize 2015
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Rubyprize2015受賞者インタビュー、2015 Prize Winner Interview
  • 西田 直樹/Naoki Nishida
  • Benoit Daloze
  • 高尾 宏治/Koji Takao

西田直樹 Naoki Nishida


データビジュアライゼーションライブラリNyaplot, データフレームライブラリMikonの開発により、国際プロジェクトであるSciRubyの開発に積極的に貢献し、科学技術計算分野でのRubyの発展の可能性を開いたことを評価しました。

Reasons for Award

We recognizes Naoki Nishida for his energetic contributions to the Nyaplot and Mikon projects which provide serious data visualization libraries for mathematics, science & engineering. We believe that his works will open the door to an increased influence of Ruby in scientific computing.

Benoit Daloze




Benoit Daloze for his work on the RubySpec test suite which had been terminated. He revitalized RubySpec and fixed the specs to run on all supported versions of MRI (2.0.0 – trunk) which is befitting of the Ruby Prize award. Now not only JRuby but also Opal have started using RubySpec and pass thousands of specs examples.

高尾宏治 Koji Takao




While discussion builds around the need for programming education, Smalruby developed by Kouji Takao using Ruby is considered to contribute to the development of programming talent by simplifying the programming experience for young people. We hope that his activities bring in new participants to the Ruby community, and consequently expand the diffusion of the Ruby language into the future.